We Are Currently In Tropical Storm Colin’s Direct Path

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June 5th, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin is coming – currently heading on a direct path to the rescue. We are hunkering down and I may be offline much of the time but please remember to vote once everyday. Its a free and easy way to help win $10K for the animals! PLEASE today and everyday through July 31st vote for us! If we were to win this it would help the horses tremendously. So please, vote.  And, sharing out and asking others to vote and share daily, making this go viral, is the ONLY way we can win the contest.


Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get through the next couple of days of rough weather hopefully, without incident.  And we will do the same for all of you – stay safe!  Thank you.

PS – we do not receive any local, state, or Federal funds. We operate totally from donations.

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