Pray For Beauty


Our beloved Beauty sadly foundered in both front feet yesterday. Dr. Ted Specht came out last evening to examine her and to do x-rays. I was worried sick because Beauty has a history of founder. Currently, she has a compound issue – her soles are a bit too thin and she’s having a laminitis flare-up….

Rainbow Bridge Cookie


I apologize for not sending out an update¬†during the past few days, but it’s been tough. Letting Cookie go was more than difficult and accepting that she is gone is just as hard. Some history – Cookie returned to us from an adoption a few years ago with a sore on her left ear that…

Pebbles and her BFF

Pebbles Went to Rainbow Bridge

September 9th – 10th, 2013 It’s with a heavy heart that I share that Pebbles has crossed Rainbow Bridge. Pebbles was a mini mare that we took in 2+ years ago, in June 2011 – she had been attacked by her owner’s dog. Skinny, untreated puncture (bite) wounds, and just plain neglected…. She went to…