Beauty Update


  I’m so very happy to report that it appears Beauty has taken a turn for the better! It’s been a tough couple of weeks, but hopefully, the worst is behind us. I’ll update with more details later, but I wanted to share this good news! Thank you, all, for keeping Beauty in your thoughts…

Dr. Bess and Minis


06/18/17, Saturday The four mini’s that we recently returned to the rescue, Haley, Kami, Ouija, and Warrior, all got their dentals recently done by Dr. Bess Darrow of Tune-Ups.  And we have some really great news – Kami and Haley may have an approved home! Mini’s in the mist!  The mist really feels great in the Florida heat….



October 18th… Thanks to Bonnie, Lucy now has a bell that she wears so that Sawyer can better keep track of her. Sawyer is an elderly pony with greatly diminished vision.  He often gets upset when he can’t find his BFF, Lucy.  Thank you Bonnie! October 21st… Even in the early morning sunrise, JoJo and Jazzy play. “Good morning,…

Foxy Cutting Horse

Little Things – Can You Believe It?

June 18th, 2016 Not even a week old and Whiskers wants his own cell phone! June 19th… Sophie and Betsy Rose enjoying the grass after the storms. June 20th… Betsy Rose and Whiskers under the Strawberry moon. June 21st… Remember when Pal Sal from Texas told Foxy all about cutting horses? The next thing we knew,…


Cookie’s Cancer, an Adoption, & Updates on Many

April 10th, 2014 Dr. Porter examined Cookie’s eye – the cancer has progressed. We will be taking her to UF – it’s highly possible that she will lose her left eye. Sisco’s front right was x-rayed – he’s been on and off lame. He walked pretty good for Dr. Porter yesterday but we did x-rays…


BH 11/24/12 Update – lots of photos

November 24th, 2012… We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was beautiful here. But the nice day closed with temperatures down into the high 30’s yesterday morning. The babies and seniors were blanketed and comfortable. We’ll have to break out a few more blankets though – looks like it’s going down to freezing tonight….