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February 5th, 2017

A vet contacted us about a three year old Quarter Horse filly that was shot – he does not want to euthanize her and we are her last hope. She has multiple buckshot fragments lodged in her.  The vet found her with blood from her nose and mouth from the wound over the upper jaw.  The wound on the cheek shattered the inside – the pellet lodged in the upper cheek molar roots/sinus area possibly may need to be removed. There is a pellet wound behind her ear – that pellet is right on top of the atlas of the vertebral column.  There’s a wound where a pellet grazed just below her eye.  A pellet is lodged into the distal cannon above the fetlock on the left hind along with ones in the left front and there are other leg wounds.  The split bone is shattered.  A big concern is infection and the damage done to her knee which is pretty swollen.


The filly needs constant oversight and care, medications, and a stall which she presently, doesn’t have. She’s turned out on many acres with other horses which puts her at risk for more injury and infection.  And she needs surgery ASAP.

We had a surgeon look at her x-rays today and he feels that she’s got a good chance of recovering – surgery can be done this coming week. But we need your help to make this happen. We need $2500 to $3,000 for her immediate needs/surgery. We don’t know how much aftercare will cost but we do know she needs help now if she has a chance. We were not planning to take in any additional horses until some here are adopted out – we are maxed – but I’ve met this filly and she’s determined to overcome.  She’s full of life and deserves a chance. When the vet says, “You’re her last chance,” and you see the life in her eyes, well, we just can’t walk away.

A wonderful friend and supporter has offered a Match Game to help with the surgical/medical needs of this sweet girl so all donations up to $500 will be matched! Donations are tax deductible and can be made via various means on our website at website or via our PayPal address: If donating via PayPal, please designate your donation for ‘QH Filly.’ If you select the tab for ‘Friends or Family,’ no fees will be deducted from your contribution.

Please help us give this girl a chance. We want to get her here ASAP in order to provide her with the care that she so desperately needs.

Thank you, as always, for your continued love and support.

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  1. Patricia Diers Posted on February 10, 2017 at 11:40 am

    I was appalled when I heard about this. What in the world are we coming to? God Bless you and your team for giving this gentle soul a safe haven.

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