Rainbow Bridge

Classy_ A Beautiful Journey

Classy, A Beautiful Journey – Rainbow Bridge

Classy is a very sweet pony that came to us many years ago, with an issue known as “roaring.” She had a tracheostomy performed at UF and recovered well. Shortly afterwards, Classy was adopted out, but she came back to Beauty’s Haven a few years later. She had fractures in her coffin bones and she…


Together at Rainbow Bridge

Alana’s frail little body was just too weak – she left us for Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.   Aiden, the stronger of the two, followed his sister to the Bridge a couple of hours later.  I was with them when they left – they were never alone since the minute we found them.   They…

Rainbow Bridge Cookie


I apologize for not sending out an update during the past few days, but it’s been tough. Letting Cookie go was more than difficult and accepting that she is gone is just as hard. Some history – Cookie returned to us from an adoption a few years ago with a sore on her left ear that…


Cookie Has Her Wings

Cookie got her wings late yesterday and joined the heavenly herd.  Theresa will provide a detailed update as soon as she is up to it – this has been a devastating loss.

Sawyer Got His Wings


May 5th, 2017 Sawyer followed me around this morning after finishing his breakfast and having some pal around time with Lucy. I was delivering hay and, by the time I got to the 3rd paddock, I knew something was wrong.  He was looking at his tummy – one side and then the other.  We took…

Run With Angels, Sweet Penny


May 4th, 2017 There’s a new bright shining star in the sky tonight. Penny has joined our heavenly herd. She was blessed with so many humans who loved her. All three of her mom’s were with her when she went to Rainbow Bridge – Penelope, Theresa, and Elizabeth. And her human big sister, Bri, was…



August 11th, 2016 After feeding breakfast to Red this morning, I told him that he was going on a journey to Rainbow Bridge where Liz went to yesterday – that she would be there waiting for him. I explained to him that once he got there, all of his discomfort would be gone. He was…


Our Beloved Wally Has Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, April 27th Wally is not feeling well this morning. Kathy Breakall held him so I could clip him in the tack room where it’s cool. We just finished. We will be keeping him in a stall today with a fan and will be closely monitoring him. If he gets worse, I need to call…

BH Feb 20th Update – Solace – Not good news

02/20/14 I was praying I would have good news about Solace but I don’t. He made a remarkable recovery from death’s door after arriving here in December 2012. He grew strong, put on 250+ lbs, and he was happy and doing well. A few months ago that changed – all sorts of tests were run,…