Emergency of the Eye Kind! Poor Matilda!

We have an emergency of the eye kind! Matilda has ripped her upper eye lid apart and we can’t tell if the eye is damaged – she’s very sensitive about it. We are waiting on vet to come out. Can anyone help with her emergency vet bill? Poor Matilda! Please pray that her eye is…


#ASPCA #HelpaHorse #ComeToTheirRescue Invitation

You can help potentially Beauty’s Haven win up to $25K for the horses! If you can’t attend there are more ways to help! Check our website often for additional information and if you plan to attend please register today! http://conta.cc/1SGgNAg #‎HelpaHorseDay‬ ‪#‎ASPCA‬ ‪#‎ComeToTheirRescue‬ ‪#‎ShareOut‬ ‪#‎CelebrateLife‬      

Remember Rosita?

Remember Rosita?  She’s doing great!  Rosita was the worst of a herd of abandoned Paso Fino’s that we rescued in January 2012.  Come meet her at our #ASPCA #HelpaHorse Day / 7th Annual #CelebrationOfLife on April 23rd!  Visit our website and register today!


All the way from Minnesota? Oct 3rd – 11th Update

OCTOBER 3, 2015 Susan and Mark flew all the way from Minnesota just to spend a couple of days here at the rescue to meet the horses and to help out! Betsy Rose has brought so many wonderful people into our life. This is what happens when you believe!   OCTOBER 4, 2015 Betsy Rose…


A Percheron/Shire on the Porch? Sept 20 – 26, 2015 Update

September 20th Zahara’s X-rays were done yesterday. She’s doing well. Artwork by Greg Ambrose. Birds everywhere! Really blessed to have both of our human "kids" home today for awhile! September 22nd That famous tongue! Aaleyah Belle loves to slime anyone and everyone. September 23rd The Breakfast Club. Donovan got a "get out of your paddock…


Emergency – Homes Needed!

Most of you know that Bob recently had a heart attack. It was about the same time the old computer started to fail which is also about the same time many adopted horses/donkeys started coming back. All of this combined has put a huge strain on resources – financially, physically, and mentally. It’s like a…


“I am donkey hear me bray!” July 16th ~ July 20th Update

July 17th “Mommy Theresa – I know you’re in there! It’s raining out here and I want to come in and help in the office! Come on, open up, ok? Please?”   “Betsy Rose I really don’t know how that flymask got there or who is supposed to be wearing it. It’s too big to…


Willow, JoJo, Foxy, Beauty, Jazzy & More July 10th ~ July 16th Update

July 10th I’m sorry for the late update on Willow – the hospital had something come up ahead of us and we were late getting her back to the rescue. Then we had another bad storm and had to do evening chores. Dr. Specht suspected suture periositis/exostosis which is a suture (where cranium bones meet)…


Beauty, Foxy, Sophie, Willow, and more! June 30th ~ July 5th Update

June 30th “Good morning everybody! I want to show you my other eye!”   Foxy’s tail is pretty long for only being 2 weeks old. “I’m still trying to get a good look at my fox tail!”   “Mommy Theresa asked me to make a funny face, so here goes!”   July 1st “Happy Wednesday…


Donkeys, Foxy, Cookie, Matilda & More! June 25th ~ 28th Update

June 25th “Peek a Boo!” Foxy received a gift from “Doggles, LLC” today. Here she is getting introduced to a new mask.   “What do you think everyone? How do I look in my new Doggles? I’m not sure orange is my color but Mommy Theresa says I have another pair in pink that I…


Baby needs plasma… June 21st ~ 24th Update

June 21st Timmie and Foxy. Look at that tail!   June 22nd “Hi everybody! I’ve got a name! I’m Foxy! I’m learning that it’s ok for humans to touch me. I have an eye boo boo. I don’t like getting my eye medicine but soon it will be all healed. I have to go now….


A baby? Yes! Foxy & Timmie

Foxy is a baby mini horse that was born on June 14th, 2015 with an eye injury. The owner, who works full time, reached out for help because they are not able to apply meds to the baby’s eye that are required every 2 hours. We named her Foxy because her beautiful tail looks like…


Meet Sawyer! June 18th Update

Lucy has been staying at the barn with the temps being 100+ degrees during the day – she’s not sweating. Thankfully, the new PortaCool arrived! Many thanks to the sponsor that took care of this! Willow got a bath earlier in the week and a hooficure today. Thank you Cindy and Roe for helping today!…


Betsy Rose’s 25th Birthday Celebration

June 13th Tomorrow is Betsy’s 25th birthday and the boys 1st but we’re celebrating today!   Betsy Rose is watching all the activity as the party preparations have begun!! Cleaning Betsy’s suite on her birthday morning! The kids are so anxious!   JoJo says it’s his birthday and he doesn’t have to wear his mask!…


Barb Wire Injury – new arrival June 9th ~ June 12th Update

June 9th The first song I heard on the radio this morning is Betsy’s Song “I Can See Clearly Now!” I’m taking that as a sign that it’s going to be a bright sun-shiny day!   We have strange things happen here. This dust storm came out of nowhere.   What a hard life these…