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We are riding out the hurricane and no matter which coast it travels up we are going to get slammed.  However, we are evacuating a few horses to TN and the small animals to GA. We are boarding up the facilities, replacing / securing boards and posts, filling gas cans, putting ID collars on horses and and marking them, and much more. We need to get some medical supplies including ventipulmin for Penny and APF that many here need – both are expensive. We were able to have the propane tank filled yesterday (it runs the well pump as a source for water) and we were able to stock up on grain, shavings, and hay.

Transportation expenses, boards and plywood, reflective ID collars for 30+ horses, sandbags, some breakaway halters, hardware to secure barn doors, and other necessary items are roughly going to be $3000.  I’m sorry to have to continue to ask for help – it literally makes my stomach hurt because I realize there are many in need. But we do need help.

Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. They can be made via PayPal at bhfer@earthlink.net (mark the donation for “friends or family” so no fees are taken out. Donations can also be made via our website at www.bhfer.org. Thank you for any and all support, including prayers.

There is much to do – Bob needs to go get boards and plywood ASAP – I think we have a couple of people coming this afternoon that can help him. God bless and stay safe everyone. We hope and pray Irma goes far, far east.

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  1. Judy Mollner Posted on September 12, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    I take it you survived storm. All Iwatch is the weather news. So, have you been able to bring back the horses you had to move? I assume you’ve always had flooding problems. Is that worse now from the water surge from the western side near Tampa? I keep you in my prayers. Love to you from Judy in CA (without ‘the kts’.

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