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06/30/17, Thursday

Dr. Porter (PHD Veterinary Services) was out yesterday to reassess Cookie and to do another set of x-rays on her front feet.  She is in very good spirits,  her appetite is great, and she still adores attention!  Another set of x-rays indicated that there has been a bit more rotation.  Also, she is having issue with abscesses that need to resolve as there is risk for infection which could make its way to the coffin bone which could be a very bad thing.  Dr. Porter wants Cookie to wear Soft-Ride boots so we placed an overnight order for a new pair (for a narrow-long size 6) because the pair we had for her to use are too small.

Cookie and Porter 2nd Set

If anyone can help Cookie with her vet and related expenses it would truly be appreciated – no amount is ever considered as being too small.  Tax deductible donations can be made via our website at www.bhfer.org.  Our PayPal address is bhfer@earthlink.net.  You can also click on the DONATE button below.  If donating via PayPal, please designate your donation to ‘Cookie.’ If you select the tab for ‘Friends or Family,’ no fees will be deducted from your contribution.

Thank you all for your continued love and support.  We are most confident that our amazing little village will come forth once again to help Cookie.


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