Together at Rainbow Bridge

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Alana’s frail little body was just too weak – she left us for Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.   Aiden, the stronger of the two, followed his sister to the Bridge a couple of hours later.  I was with them when they left – they were never alone since the minute we found them.   They were both just so small and frail.  But they did matter and they were loved.  Thank you to all that prayed for them.  They’ll always be in our hearts.


Aiden Another Sweet Angel

Their mom, Grace, is just a kitten herself.  She is in very poor condition.  She is getting fluids, as needed, and lots of TLC.  She’s trying to get strong and we will continue to do all we can for her.  Our little amazing Grace – she’s so thankful for everything done for her.  Again, thank you all of caring.


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