Eagle Rare Life for Heroism Award Nomination

Theresa Batchelor Nominated for Eagle Rare Life Award for Heroism “Don’t give up just because of the obstacles. Regardless of what obstacles face you, just keep going! Go through, go around, or go over – but never give up!”  – Theresa READ THERESA’S STORY Awards include six $5K prize awards and one grand prize of $50K….


Humans helping horses or horses helping humans?

December 15, 2017 Please vote for us today in the Eagle Rare Life contest and share this update – ask family and friends to vote too! We could win up to $50K for the horses! A vote a day and asking others to vote, sharing out across social media can help tremendously! It’s free and very…

Daisy Mocha


August 17th… Daisy and Mocha are getting ready to go to their adoptive home. Dr. Julia did a new coggins on the girls today and they also received their scheduled vaccinations. Tomorrow, they will get a hooficure. I’m going to miss these girls tremendously. Daisy’s story is nothing short of a miracle. I’ll post a…

Foxy Cutting Horse

Little Things – Can You Believe It?

June 18th, 2016 Not even a week old and Whiskers wants his own cell phone! June 19th… Sophie and Betsy Rose enjoying the grass after the storms. June 20th… Betsy Rose and Whiskers under the Strawberry moon. June 21st… Remember when Pal Sal from Texas told Foxy all about cutting horses? The next thing we knew,…

Whiskers Whiskers

A Baby Longears Doing The Cricket Dance?

June 17th, 2016 Whiskers got lots of attention today from Auntie Bri ….. …….and Auntie Elizabeth . He’s so sweet. Well, it appears that my selfie skills still need improving! June 18th… “Yummy! I love my milk!” So now you know how he got his name.  🙂 A “Cricket Dance” natural! Baby Whiskers had a…


We Are Trophy Line’s “RESCUE OF THE MONTH!”

June 9th… I love it when we have good news to share! We are Trophy Line Manely Hair Products “Rescue of the Month!”  We have been using their products for years and they are the absolute best! We use the shampoo, detangler, and conditioner and they are amazing! They are long lasting and work wonders!…

What's up those stairs?

Baby Long Ears on the Loose!

June 7th, 2016 What was the first thing JoJo did the first time he was turned out around the house when he was a baby? Watch this short video to find out – we hope it makes you smile! Just watch! It was a long rainy and windy night with Tropical Storm Colin coming through…


Betsy Rose’s Wish

June 5th, 2016 Help Betsy Rose’s June 14, 2016 birthday wish come true! It doesn’t cost you a thing!  We ask that you please vote once each day through July 31st to help us win $10K for the horses.  And please – share out and ask family and friends to vote too.   We need…