Match Game


Cookie’s Eye – Not Good News

Earlier this year, Cookie appeared to be depressed – she just wasn’t herself. With her history of cancer, well, I was just concerned. Dr. Specht ran some blood work and some values were all over the place. Then Cookie developed chronic imflammation in her left eye and was put on eye medications which didn’t seem…



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Fall Fun Match Game


In celebration of the arrival of this beautiful fall season, two wonderful supporters have joined together to offer a most generous $1,100 Match Game! All donations up to $1,100 will be matched ~ $5 will become $10, $10 will become $20 etc. Once we receive $1,100 in this Match Game, the funds will morph into…

Aaleyah Belle at University of Florida Vet Hospital

Aaleyah Belle to the Hospital!

May 13th, 2016 10:01 am Aaleyah Belle greeted me this morning by refusing breakfast and throwing herself on the ground wanting to roll. It wasn’t easy getting her up, but once we did so, we led her to the barn. The vet is on the way.  She received IV meds as directed by the vet…