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06/18/17, Saturday

The four mini’s that we recently returned to the rescue, Haley, Kami, Ouija, and Warrior, all got their dentals recently done by Dr. Bess Darrow of Tune-Ups.  And we have some really great news – Kami and Haley may have an approved home!

Dr. Bess and Minis

Mini’s in the mist!  The mist really feels great in the Florida heat.  JoJo is always ready to help me give out hay.

Minis in the Mist

We are so proud of Magic! We recently had a wonderful, fun-filled visit with Macy and Kathy Breakall.

Magic Kathy Macy

Little E still looks great for his age!

Little E Looking Great

I actually took a few minutes to take a ride a few days ago and it was awesome!

Starbuck and Theresa Out for a Ride

We apologize that we haven’t been able to get many updates out – we’re very short on volunteers and providing daily care for the horses has to be a priority.  But we hope to get better at this soon!


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