SeAnna’s Dental Day

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12/01/16  Wednesday

SeAnna had a dental appointment with Dr. Bess Darrow today. She was a little reluctant to walk on the trailer but it didn’t take long for her to decide it would be ok.


SeAnna is grossly underweight – a body condition score of 1. Sometimes teeth contribute to weight loss but not in this case – she was just not fed. I’m often told that a horse is thin because it’s old. Some older ones may need a special diet but that’s no reason to let them starve. Starving any animal is just plain cruel.


SeAnna has an overbite and needed some adjustments but her mouth wasn’t terribly bad. She had a happy mouth once Dr. Bess was finished with her.


SeAnna is 20 years young and she is an absolute sweetheart. How anyone could just walk away and leave any animal behind to starve is something I’ll never be able to understand. But she’s safe now, a new chapter in her life is underway. Thank you all for caring!


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