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May 5th, 2017

Sawyer followed me around this morning after finishing his breakfast and having some pal around time with Lucy. I was delivering hay and, by the time I got to the 3rd paddock, I knew something was wrong.  He was looking at his tummy – one side and then the other.  We took him and Lucy to the barn and put them in a stall so I could take Sawyer’s temperature and listen to his heart and tummy.  His temperature was normal but I didn’t hear any gut sounds and could not hear his heartbeat.  We had a very drastic change of weather last night and usually Little E is the one that gets a gas colic.  But Little E was fine.  Sawyer, however, was far from fine – this was a very painful colic.  I called the vet and administered medications, as directed. Sawyer became more painful and I was concerned that he could hurt himself in the stall so we opted to take him under the shade of the tree by the barn.
Sawyer Colic Meds
We hadn’t been in the shade of the tree long before Sawyer became even more uncomfortable.  I administered more medications while we waited for the vet.  As the medication started to wear off the second time, he laid down to rest.  His gums became very pale and a toxic line became apparent.  We were likely going to lose him but I prayed for a miracle.  I talked to him and told him how much he is loved by many humans.  I promised him that “his” Lucy would forever be loved and cared for – my heart was very heavy.  I try really hard not to cry until after they are gone – but sometimes it’s just impossible.
Sawyer Resting
When the vet arrived, she could not hear a heartbeat or gut sounds either and said he was not going to make it.  Sawyer had gone septic and the only thing we could do was release him from his pain.
Sawyer Heartbeat
I held Sawyer tight as he went to Rainbow Bridge.  He joined Penny and the rest of our heavenly herd.
Sawyer Got His Wings
Sawyer was a very sweet, wise pony of thirty plus years, one of our “Old One’s.”  Losing two precious souls, Sawyer and Penny, within two days, was devastating.  There are no words to describe the pain and helplessness that was felt as they made their journey to the Bridge.
Lucy's Sawyer
Godspeed, Sawyer.  Fly high and pain free with those beautiful wings you so gallantly earned.  You will forever remain in our hearts – we love you, always.


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