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August 26th, 2017 – Saturday Afternoon

We have another baby and it’s nothing short of a miracle! When I got home from the vet with the kittens, I took them to the office in the stroller. Bob went to get some things out of the car when he called me on the radio (we use 2-way radios on the farm) to come quickly – there was a white cat hiding in the roll of fence wire by the garage!  He walked towards her and called out, but she wouldn’t move which was good because the donkeys were out roaming around the house.  Jenny helped me secure JoJo and Jazzy and then I walked to one end of the roll of fencing and squatted down and the cat came right to me. She was exhausted and looked like she’d been on an incredibly long and tiring journey.  But the look on her face was one of relief – as though she’d finally found her destination – I named her Grace.  

Amazing Grace

Our prayers for momma cat to come back were answered, but she is just a baby herself – not even a year old. This had to have been her first (we’ll make sure it’s her last) litter. We took her into the office and gave her water and a little food – she was so hungry. We cleaned her up and put her by the stroller with the babies, but she had no interest in them. She’s exhausted and needs time to relax and regroup.

Grace is only 4.2 lbs (that was after she’d eaten a little and drank some water). She’s so very thin – all bones. She’s been sleeping in her very own bed all evening. Grace did get up to eat and drink a little bit more and she used the litter box. It’s apparent that Grace hasn’t lived a good life. She’s unhealthy – skin on bones and she has some broken teeth. She has no milk to offer her babies and it’s no wonder why her babies were born premature. But she loves humans even after all they did, or didn’t, do for her in her short life – isn’t that amazing? She is amazing – amazing Grace!

We may be an equine rescue organization but we try to help animals that find their way to us. And we can only help these animals because of support from all of you – your support makes this possible. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today – no amount is too small.  Just click on the Donate link below.  Also, please share this with family and friends.

Please keep Grace and her babies in your prayers – they all have some hurdles to overcome. Thank you all so much for your support.

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