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August 26th, 2017 – Saturday

The kittens had a calm night – their warm nesting bed is in Popper’s stroller.  They can’t control their body temperature so it’s important that us humans do what we can to help with that.  I parked them right next to my bed and every 2 hours they were fed, burped, gently rubbed, and they had a little help to eliminate waste.

Kittens Good Night

The babies are not much bigger than my thumb!  The girl, Alana, is 2.3 ounces today and Aiden is 2.2 ounces today.  They were both about 2 ounces when we found them yesterday morning.  Gaining weight is good!  But they are very fragile and have many hurdles to overcome.  Many orphan kittens don’t survive.  Being premature, well, the odds of their survival are worse.  But we are going to be optimistic and do all we can to help them live.

Kittens size

Popper doesn’t understand why the kittens are in her stroller but she’s ok with it.  Popper got hit by a neighbor’s truck a few years ago and it broke both legs and dislocated her hip.  Keeping a Boston Terrier quiet for weeks so they can mend isn’t easy but the stroller helped.  Now the babies will make good use of it.


Aiden, the smaller one, has a very good appetite but I’m a bit concerned about Alana.  I’m very glad we’re headed to the vet.

Kittens on Heart Plate

I’ll update when I can.  Thanks for following us and the progress on the babies!



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