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Huricane Irma II Sophia

The horses in Tennessee absolutely love the weather and are having a great time on “vacation.” We picked up two mini geldings today that were adopted out a few years ago – their human family is going to a local storm shelter as our county is under a mandatory evacuation.  Some of you may remember the mini boys – Cloud Dancer and his dad, Nickers.
We will be hunkered down in our barn. Stalls will be full and there will be some horses out in the paddocks. When we built the barn, we included a good size A/C feed room with a fridge and a full bathroom. Fortunately, we have an automatic generator, so we should be okay.
We moved a few horses to another farm today that has a concrete block barn with huge stalls. A piece of my heart leaves every time another load of horses pulls out.
We still have some preparing to do and unless Irma shifts, the eye is headed right toward us. We normally have a bad internet connection and we expect it will get worse. I’ll try to keep in touch with Jeanne so she can keep you all updated.
To those who have donated – thank you. Supplies, stocking up on feed, gas, hay, propane for the generators and moving horses, etc., has been extremely costly. All of this has been exhausting – both physically and mentally but we’re going to make it through okay. Please keep everyone in Irma’s path in your prayers.




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