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January 13th, 2017

Yesterday was not a good day for Magic but he knows that it will get better. He has an issue with his right eye which needs to be treated for several days. Yesterday, he learned that a flymask wouldn’t gobble him up. He’s such a brave boy!

For those who don’t know Magic, he’s a 17 year old Arabian stud that had been used in the Mexican “sport” of horse tripping. Magic was lucky to have survived, but it left him emotionally scarred which made him a good candidate for being sent to slaughter as humans considered him to be crazy, unmanageable and even dangerous. He’s untrusting of humans which is truly understandable. I’m certain that the nightmares he endured will never be erased from his memories.

There are some that strongly feel that Magic should be molded into a “normal” horse. I’ve spent countless hours with him and I understand him. Just imagine the pain, anxiety and fear he survived. He doesn’t care for ropes – scars he wears tell a story. I refuse to make him endure anything that he is uncomfortable with. He accepts me – I do what I need to do to address any medical issues that may arise and I’m grateful to him for that. I know this horse inside and out – Arabians are very intelligent and communicative. We can’t take away his past but we can ensure that all of his tomorrows are happy and carefree. And that’s what we intend to do. Magic is a happy horse that will live out the rest of his life on his terms. We promised him that.MagicEye1Magic has come a long way. He often approaches other humans now and may even ask for scratches. But humans are not allowed to walk after or chase him. If he walks away, and he often does, that’s his prerogative. He’s a very special horse. Oh, and I taught him to give kisses a few years ago!

I believe in Magic and I’m very proud of him! Now, let’s hope he tolerates the treatments to his eye. Prayers and positive thoughts would be so very appreciated!

Magic also needs sponsors – his medications are not inexpensive. Our PayPal address is Donations can also be made via our website. All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.

Thank you all, for your continued love and support.

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