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May 4th, 2017

There’s a new bright shining star in the sky tonight. Penny has joined our heavenly herd. She was blessed with so many humans who loved her. All three of her mom’s were with her when she went to Rainbow Bridge – Penelope, Theresa, and Elizabeth. And her human big sister, Bri, was there too. Penny was surrounded by love. But our hearts are broken.

I came home and looked at some old photos. So many wonderful memories. Watching her as a baby and the five short years she had with us was a true blessing. I want to share some photos of her when she was a baby with her mom, Penelope. And one taken on a recent visit I had with her. She always made me smile.

Penny and Penelope

Penny wasn’t a very healthy baby when she came to us in 2012. But with TLC and proper care, she grew strong and came to be loved by so many.

Penny and Penelope II

Penny would imitate her mom – it was a wonderful experience watching her grow up.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Like mother, like daughter.

Penny has her wings now. I can’t help but to keep asking why did this happen? Why our little Penny? The dreaded disease she had (pemphigus foliaceus) I would never wish on any other. I’m so thankful that I got to tell her how much I loved her before she went to the Bridge tonight. I’m very thankful she’s no longer in pain. I’m very sad she’s gone – my heart is broken. I hugged on Penelope for awhile before heading back to the rescue – she was such a good mom. Whenever I see Penelope, I’ll still see our little Penny.

Penny Collage

Fly with the angels sweet Penny – until we meet again. We love you, always.


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