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February 6th, 2017

Our attempt to pick up the filly yesterday evening was unsuccessful. She wasn’t bearing weight on her left front and when we were told that she had not received her pain medication for the past two days.  We made sure that she received it before we left. Since she was too uncomfortable to load onto the trailer, and we ran out of daylight, we decided that it would be in the filly’s best interest to try again in the morning. When we returned on Sunday morning, this sweet girl loaded, with a little support and encouragement, in less than ten minutes. Believe…..

Emma Loaded

Finally home! Upon our arrival at Beauty’s Haven, Emma unloaded, looked around, walked to her stall, and proceeded to introduce herself to everyone. She’s a talker and is absolutely precious!

Emma Arrives

February 7th

Our sleeping beauty this morning. We are getting ready to go to the hospital.

Sleeping Beauty - Emma

For those who don’t know her story – Emma, was shot with a shotgun while out grazing and sustained multiple injuries. A pellet hit her upper jaw. She took a pellet to the cheek that shattered inside and lodged in the roots/sinus area. There’s a pellet behind her right ear that is right on top of the spinal column. A pellet grazed her just below the eye. A pellet lodged in her distal cannon just above the fetlock on her left hind and there are others in the front. Her front left splint bone is fractured. Her left front knee joint has an infection along with fractures from a pellet that is still lodged in the joint. I know it sounds bad, but her vet, Dr. Sausville, and the surgeon, Dr. Lugo, both feel she has a really good chance of recovering from her multiple wounds. She is bright eyed and sweet. She’s not running a temperature and her appetite is great.

Emma Stall

We are taking her to Ocala Equine Hospital today where Dr. Lugo will perform her surgery on Tuesday. We’ll keep everyone updated as we can. We’re still very busy here – Magic is still getting eye meds several times a day and, now, Cookie has an ulcer in her left eye. With so many special needs horses here, well, there’s just never a planned day – but we love them all anyway!

We would like everyone to give a big shout out to Dr. Sausville for all he’s done for Emma – we appreciate him very much! We would also like to give a huge shout out to our amazing village of supporters for joining together to help us, help Emma! Thank you, all, for sharing Emma’s story and offering kind words of encouragement. Thank you, too, to our wonderful Match Game sponsors and to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser, making it a complete success.

Please continue to send Emma good thoughts and keep her in your prayers. We believe that she will be okay. We invite you, to ‘Believe,’ too.

Emma Believe

UPDATE 02/07/17:  It was learned during surgery that Emma was shot with bullets, not buckshot.

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