Eagle Rare 2018

Jeanne has once again nominated me for the Eagle Rare Life Award for Heroism! Winning this could make a HUGE difference in our mission of helping horses (and donkeys, cats, cows, etc.)! We love what we do, but we want to do more and we can, with help! We want to get more community involvement in order to make a difference to more horses AND humans. We are determined to find a way! There are three entries in the ‘Heroism’ category so we have a good chance to win. We are asking that you vote daily through December 5, 2017! It’s so easy and it doesn’t cost a thing – it takes less than a minute to go to this link and cast your vote!
Also, it would make a world of difference if you could share this out through social media as well as amongst family and friends, and ask them to vote daily and share as well. We can do this!
“Don’t give up just because of the obstacles. Regardless of what obstacles face you, just keep going! Go through, go around, or go over – but never give up!” 
Thank you all so much!

Author: bhfer@earthlink.net

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