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Make a difference in the lives of the Beauty’s Haven Herd!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching donations made to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations via Facebook starting at 8 am on Tuesday, November 28th, in support of #GivingTuesday. In addition, Facebook will be waiving all fees on contributions submitted through their ‘Donate’ button. If you are not a Facebook member, you can still make a difference by submitting a donation via various means on our website or via PayPal at

For donations to qualify for the #GivingTuesday (Nov 28th) generous Gates Foundation matching gift offer:

  • Your donation must be made AFTER 8 am EST via the ‘Donate’ button on our Facebook fundraiser page(s).
  • The sooner you make your donation after 8 am EST, the better. A total of $2 million is being offered by the Gates Foundation to all non-profits combined – when the $2 million fund is gone, they will stop matching donations. Getting your donation in early, but after 8 am EST, is most important.

To meet the requirements, we must publish our fundraisers in increments of $1000 and all donations must be made through the ‘Donate’ button on each of our #GivingTuesday Facebook fundraising pages. Once we reach $1000 in a fundraising effort, we will close out that effort and immediately start the next one.

Last year, over $4000 was raised and our goal is to meet, or exceed, that amount again this year. If everyone on our ‘Friends’ and ‘Following’ lists (combined business page and Theresa’s personal page) donate $5, over $30,000 would be raised which could potentially be doubled because of the generous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matching offer!


What is #GivingTuesday?

Created by the team at the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y, a cultural center in New York City, #GivingTuesday is an annual global day of giving that harnesses the power of social media and the generosity of people around the world. It kicks off the charitable season when many people focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Giving Tuesday encourages people to donate money, talent, or time to a nonprofit organization of their choice on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the day after Cyber Monday.

Although we are unable to adhere to the suggested months-long timeline in preparation for #GivingTuesday, due to both not being staffed to have someone responsible for social media and communication, and tending to the round the clock needs of our beloved little herd, we are confident that our campaign will be a tremendous success because of the amazing people that believe in us and support our mission.


Other ways in which to help Beauty’s Haven this holiday season

  • Take a moment to visit our online store where you can order our beautiful 2018 calendar as well as other gifts for colleagues, friends, and family members.
  • Shop at Amazon via Amazon Smile and select Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue, Inc., as your ‘Charity of Choice.’ A portion of your purchase will be donated to the rescue!

As we near the end of 2017, a year that was filled with both heartbreak and joy, we are reminded of the inordinate amount of love and support that we have received from our wonderful little village. Because of each and every one of you, we have been able to continue our most important mission of granting our beloved equines, and other animals, a second chance at life and promising each that all of their tomorrows will be everything that their past should have been.

Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue, a place where ‘Life begins, again!’

Wishing you all, a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!


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