Classy, A Beautiful Journey – Rainbow Bridge

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Classy_ A Beautiful Journey
Classy is a very sweet pony that came to us many years ago, with an issue known as “roaring.” She had a tracheostomy performed at UF and recovered well.

Shortly afterwards, Classy was adopted out, but she came back to Beauty’s Haven a few years later. She had fractures in her coffin bones and she was a bit of a sinker. But her big brown, beautiful eyes that speak volumes, clearly said she wasn’t about to give up! We were very blessed to be able to provide supportive care and help her through her issues, and for the past few years, she’s been a happy little pony. However, over time, there have been changes in her bones and her arthritis has gotten worse. Acupuncture, boots/pads, supplements, a great farrier – she’s had it all. She’s also had a lot of love from many humans.

Classy has some good days and some not so good days. However, the not so good days have come to outnumber the good days. It is with a very heavy heart that I share that Dr. Ted will be helping Classy to Rainbow Bridge on Friday.

We love her so very much – enough to release her to join the heavenly herd where she will be able to run pain free through green pastures.  And, she will happily, be able to whinny once again! (Horses with trachs are unable to whinny.)

“To place your horse’s need for you to let her leave her failing body above your need to keep her with you – that – is the greatest and purest love.” ~ Cynthia Garrett


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