Farm Updates

Dr. Bess and Minis


06/18/17, Saturday The four mini’s that we recently returned to the rescue, Haley, Kami, Ouija, and Warrior, all got their dentals recently done by Dr. Bess Darrow of Tune-Ups.  And we have some really great news – Kami and Haley may have an approved home! Mini’s in the mist!  The mist really feels great in the Florida heat….

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06/02/17, Friday I needed a “pick me up” this morning so I watched a video  of Betsy Rose that I took yesterday when we were having storms. Betsy Rose can make my heart smile just by being in her presence. She reminds me, often, that we can overcome. She’s a true blessing.  Believe.. Sisco is doing well. He’d love…



October 18th… Thanks to Bonnie, Lucy now has a bell that she wears so that Sawyer can better keep track of her. Sawyer is an elderly pony with greatly diminished vision.  He often gets upset when he can’t find his BFF, Lucy.  Thank you Bonnie! October 21st… Even in the early morning sunrise, JoJo and Jazzy play. “Good morning,…

Mishka AW


September 10th, 2016 Members from Animal Warriors spent a good part of the day helping out – we got some projects done and some of the horses even got a bath! Animal Warriors is a group of like minded individuals from all walks of life who share a common goal of helping animals with active…

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A Donkey In The Mist!

July 5th… Aaleyah Belle – she’ll never outgrow her love of sliming everyone. July 6th… Bouie and Frodo – happy ponies! Classy is another special needs sanctuary horse.  She has a tracheotomy and arthritis issues in her front feet.  She’s a very sweet girl. July 7th… Sisco is recovering nicely from his surgery. He’s still…

Whiskers Whiskers

A Baby Longears Doing The Cricket Dance?

June 17th, 2016 Whiskers got lots of attention today from Auntie Bri ….. …….and Auntie Elizabeth . He’s so sweet. Well, it appears that my selfie skills still need improving! June 18th… “Yummy! I love my milk!” So now you know how he got his name.  🙂 A “Cricket Dance” natural! Baby Whiskers had a…


We Are Trophy Line’s “RESCUE OF THE MONTH!”

June 9th… I love it when we have good news to share! We are Trophy Line Manely Hair Products “Rescue of the Month!”  We have been using their products for years and they are the absolute best! We use the shampoo, detangler, and conditioner and they are amazing! They are long lasting and work wonders!…

Montana before

Aaleyah Belle, Sawyer, Betsy Rose, Montana and More!

June 3rd, 2016 Aaleyah Belle is doing great! June 4th… Peek-a-boo! So thankful that Sawyer is still with us. He gave us all quite a scare with his epileptic seizures a couple of weeks ago. He’s a wise old soul who is as kind as can be. June 5th… Remember when Betsy Rose received a new gift/friend…