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An Obstacle Challenge & More!

We apologize for the delay in this and the next couple of updates that didn’t go out on time. September 16th… Some wonderful news to share about Spirit – she’s ready to go to her new forever home!  As soon as we raise funds for her journey to Oklahoma, she will be on her way!…

Mishka AW


September 10th, 2016 Members from Animal Warriors spent a good part of the day helping out – we got some projects done and some of the horses even got a bath! Animal Warriors is a group of like minded individuals from all walks of life who share a common goal of helping animals with active…



August 27th… I never say good-bye when a member of our little herd gets adopted – it’s just a new chapter in their lives.  We love to see the smiles they bring to others! Daisy and Mocha are loved so very much. I’m sure going to miss Daisy’s 6:00 am serenade outside our bedroom window…



August 25th… Betsy Rose and the boys this morning. Dr. Mangan also examined Betsy Rose’s eyes on the day that he came out to check Penny and Spirit. Betsy has lost vision in her right eye over the course of the past several years while her left eye is showing degenerative changes. Betsy Rose is so cute and…

JoJo Jazzy

Blind Mares Update, Donkeys Galore, & the Inimitable CaryLou!

August 20th… Spirit was great for Dr. Mangan! She’s such a sweet mare. She can’t see anything out of her right eye. Her left eye can distinguish light from dark.  Spirit was one of our rescues that was adopted out a couple of years ago.  She went to live with another blind horse. Sadly, the adopter recently…



August 17th… Spirit got a good bath today which she really enjoyed, thanks to Kylie and Sharon! We had to move Penny and Spirit into separate paddocks today as Penny was picking on Spirit too much. They are still next to one another, however. When they were at Liz’s, they lived in separate paddocks. Dr….

Daisy Mocha


August 17th… Daisy and Mocha are getting ready to go to their adoptive home. Dr. Julia did a new coggins on the girls today and they also received their scheduled vaccinations. Tomorrow, they will get a hooficure. I’m going to miss these girls tremendously. Daisy’s story is nothing short of a miracle. I’ll post a…


Two Blind Mares Arrive – Penny and Spirit

August 15th, 2016 Penny and Spirit arrived and settled in. Thanks Pamela Zarem of Double B Equine Transport for doing such a great job – as usual!  This is Spirit. This is Penny, a 29 year old blind Belgian. I’ll be keeping checking on the girls via camera through night. I felt better after seeing…



August 11th, 2016 After feeding breakfast to Red this morning, I told him that he was going on a journey to Rainbow Bridge where Liz went to yesterday – that she would be there waiting for him. I explained to him that once he got there, all of his discomfort would be gone. He was…

Red Xrays


July 18th, 2016 It’s been a very sad day.  Our dear friend, Liz, passed this morning.  She had been battling cancer.  She was a strong and proud woman that loved animals to no end.  I admired her courage and her strength, very much.  We had promised her that Spirit, Penny, and Red would be taken…

Beauty and Theresa


August 8th, 2016 I have nominated Theresa for the Eagle Rare Life Award for Heroism! I’d like to ask for your support in this endeavor by reading her story and then voting for her each day. You don’t have to have a Facebook account to vote!  Just click on this link and cast your vote…


We Made A Splash & Won $3K!

August 2nd, 2016 We won 2nd place in the Make a Splash contest! We had no idea they were offering a 2nd and 3rd place! You all rock – the horses will greatly benefit from the $3000! Much gratitude to Pet Paradise for sponsoring the contest – it’s very generous! We are a little grassroots…

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A Donkey In The Mist!

July 5th… Aaleyah Belle – she’ll never outgrow her love of sliming everyone. July 6th… Bouie and Frodo – happy ponies! Classy is another special needs sanctuary horse.  She has a tracheotomy and arthritis issues in her front feet.  She’s a very sweet girl. July 7th… Sisco is recovering nicely from his surgery. He’s still…

Sisco GFM

Sisco’s Cancer Treatment – Match Game!

July 11th, 2016 There’s a Match Game that got started this morning in support of Sisco and other needs! Please help if you can.  No amount is too small and all donations are tax deductible. #sisco #bhfer #donate #believe

Sisco Porter

Sisco’s Treatment – He Needs Help

July 5th, 2016 Sisco came to us in 2013. A tumor (SCC) had been removed from beside his tail and, over the course of many weeks, Dr. Porter injected cisplatin. You can see the original tumor on Sisco’s page at https://www.facebook.com/Siscos-Story-277980622333541/ but its graphic. We knew the area could get worse again so we constantly…

Gypsy's Freedom

See The Impact of Your Support – Gypsy’s Freedom – 06/29/16

06/29/16 In early 2013, we were contacted about a “very dangerous” six year old mare that may have been pregnant. The owner got her three months before. The mare had been at the trainer’s for about three weeks – they said she was “dangerous” and “needed to go” and if we didn’t take her, she…

Foxy Cutting Horse

Little Things – Can You Believe It?

June 18th, 2016 Not even a week old and Whiskers wants his own cell phone! June 19th… Sophie and Betsy Rose enjoying the grass after the storms. June 20th… Betsy Rose and Whiskers under the Strawberry moon. June 21st… Remember when Pal Sal from Texas told Foxy all about cutting horses? The next thing we knew,…

Whiskers Whiskers

A Baby Longears Doing The Cricket Dance?

June 17th, 2016 Whiskers got lots of attention today from Auntie Bri ….. …….and Auntie Elizabeth . He’s so sweet. Well, it appears that my selfie skills still need improving! June 18th… “Yummy! I love my milk!” So now you know how he got his name.  🙂 A “Cricket Dance” natural! Baby Whiskers had a…


We Are Trophy Line’s “RESCUE OF THE MONTH!”

June 9th… I love it when we have good news to share! We are Trophy Line Manely Hair Products “Rescue of the Month!”  We have been using their products for years and they are the absolute best! We use the shampoo, detangler, and conditioner and they are amazing! They are long lasting and work wonders!…

What's up those stairs?

Baby Long Ears on the Loose!

June 7th, 2016 What was the first thing JoJo did the first time he was turned out around the house when he was a baby? Watch this short video to find out – we hope it makes you smile! Just watch! It was a long rainy and windy night with Tropical Storm Colin coming through…