Eagle Rare Life for Heroism Award Nomination

Theresa Batchelor Nominated for Eagle Rare Life Award for Heroism “Don’t give up just because of the obstacles. Regardless of what obstacles face you, just keep going! Go through, go around, or go over – but never give up!”  – Theresa READ THERESA’S STORY Awards include six $5K prize awards and one grand prize of $50K….

Golf Cart and Fibre Beet


It seems as if we are constantly asking for help and that isn’t easy for me. But we are a charity which operates solely from donations and grants and we must depend upon help from others in order to make a difference in the lives of our horses. Our golf cart batteries have unfortunately, died…



Thoroughbred • Black • Mare • 15 Hh • DOB 2007 Zahara is a stunning black Thoroughbred mare that was born in 2007. We were told that her original owners gave her to someone years ago. In 2012, while at that home, she sustained a neck injury. Dr. Michael Porter took x-rays which indicated a fracture at C-4/5. In 2014,…

Kathy Prevatt Volunteers


Kathy Raabe Prevatt, a dear friend and supporter of Beauty’s Haven, has a wonderful fundraising idea! Kathy supervises the concession stands during the home games at the University of Florida. She is currently, seeking volunteers to work these concession stands at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Saturday, November 18th, for the game between the…

Our Rescue of Misfits II

Our Rescue of “Misfits”

This is how our day started on Friday. Peggy Sue was down on her bad side and couldn’t get up. When this happens, Peggy Sue doesn’t panic – she just lays there and waits for us to help her. We roll her over and she usually rests for a few minutes and then gets up…

Kandi and Shaker are Home and Special Visitors

Kandi and Shaker are Home & Special Visitors

We are so very thankful to Jayne O’Brien Myrick for opening her heart and home to Kandi and Shaker! Many thanks to Pamela Zarem of Double B, for transporting the girls to their new home. And many thanks to Susie and Catherine for helping with the transportation costs. These mares are gorgeous and happy and…

October Hay Match Game

A New Match Game for Hay

Four wonderful supporters have come forth to offer a Match Game, whereby, all donations up to $1000, will be matched dollar for dollar. Donations will be applied to our hay needs. If you would like to play the Match Game, you may do so via various means on our website at or via our PayPal address: If…

Crickets Visit with Dr Bess

Cricket’s Visit with Dr. Bess

Once Dr. Bess was finished with Billy’s dental examination/ procedure, it was Cricket’s turn. Cricket’s teeth were bad, too, but not as bad as Billy’s. She also has some missing teeth. Cricket had an old injury on the upper eyelid of her left eye. The eyelid had been ripped, likely on a branch or fence. It had not been…

Billys Visit with Dr. Bess

Billy’s Visit with Dr. Bess

     After the mini’s arrival, I noticed right away that Billy was quidding. He could not chew the hay that was on the ground. Although Billy tried to eat, he ended up spitting out balls of semi-chewed food. This alone could make a horse depressed as well as cause weight loss. This is usually caused by issues with the…

Part II Cricket and Billys Happy Feet

Happy Feet and a Reminder to Vote

Cricket and Billy got hooficures on Friday as there was a lot of licking and chewing going on. Both were very good. We really appreciate Stephanie making time to work them into her busy schedule. Look at that precious face. Billy and Cricket’s hooves were a bit long. Billy was off in his back right – due…

A New Chapter Sophia

A New Chapter for Two Older Mini’s

On Thursday, we picked up the mini’s – a new chapter in their lives has begun! When it was time to transport them to the rescue, I told Cricket and Billy that they were going on an adventure. They walked right onto the trailer. I felt a bit of sadness – they were leaving behind the only…

Award Letter

Great NonProfits Top-Rated NonProfit, Eagle Rare Life Contest

 We are honored to have been selected as one of the Top-Rated Nonprofits of 2017 from Great Nonprofits!  We are truly thankful to everyone who shared their inspiring stories about Beauty’s Haven, “Where life begins, again!.” #greatnonprofits#topratednonprofit#award#bhfer#believe Please also remember to cast your daily vote for Theresa in the Eagle Rare Life contest and please share amongst family and friends as well….

Minis in Need Collage

Two Aged Minis in Need, Match Game & Eagle Rare Life

Minis In Need I had hoped to send out a more detailed update, but as always, something arises and I am unable to do so, but I need to apprise you of an urgent case involving four mini’s. The owners are elderly – both husband and wife are in the hospital and they can no longer care…

Eagle Rare 2018

Eagle Rare Life Award 2018

Jeanne has once again nominated me for the Eagle Rare Life Award for Heroism! Winning this could make a HUGE difference in our mission of helping horses (and donkeys, cats, cows, etc.)! We love what we do, but we want to do more and we can, with help! We want to get more community involvement…

Classy_ A Beautiful Journey

Classy, A Beautiful Journey – Rainbow Bridge

Classy is a very sweet pony that came to us many years ago, with an issue known as “roaring.” She had a tracheostomy performed at UF and recovered well. Shortly afterwards, Classy was adopted out, but she came back to Beauty’s Haven a few years later. She had fractures in her coffin bones and she…

Back to Normal


JoJo and Jazzy were so happy to get out of their stall after the storm..   Penny is a 31 year old blind Belgian mare. Emma is a young QH filly that was shot multiple times a few months ago. They were both very brave throughout the night as Irma passed through – I was…

A Long Night Collage


  We made it! All horses are accounted for. That was a really long night!  We are truly exhausted but very thankful that the storm is over.     Precious little Grace – she’s now officially, a ‘Storm Cat.’       Poor Betsy Rose looks like the way I feel.   The horses that stayed at the…

Hunkering Down


Just a quick update to let y’all know that we’re hunkered down. We are still securing stall windows – the old latches broke. Winds are picking up and we’ve lost power a couple of times.   JoJo isn’t happy that he’s grounded to a stall. Neither are Cloud and Nickers. But hopefully, this will soon…

Huricane Irma II Sophia


The horses in Tennessee absolutely love the weather and are having a great time on “vacation.” We picked up two mini geldings today that were adopted out a few years ago – their human family is going to a local storm shelter as our county is under a mandatory evacuation.  Some of you may remember the mini…