Beauty Update
I’m so very happy to report that it appears Beauty has taken a turn for the better! It’s been a tough couple of weeks, but hopefully, the worst is behind us. I’ll update with more details later, but I wanted to share this good news! Thank you, all, for keeping Beauty in your thoughts and prayers.

Please remember to vote for us every day in the SunState Federal Credit Union’s ‘Charity of the Month’ contest. It runs through the end of February and with your help, we could win $1000 which would be applied toward hay for our beloved herd. Please also share and ask family and friends to vote daily and share as well. An organization can only win this contest once a year and we were most fortunate to have been one of the twelve recipients of the ‘Charity of the Month’ prize, for the past two years. I know that we can do this! Just click here to cast your vote!

Thank you all for your love and support and thank you to everyone who so generously donated to Saturday’s Hay Run!

– Theresa


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