For those who know Magic’s story, you’ll understand how big an accomplishment this is, and for those who are unaware of his history, I hope that you will gain a better understanding of his very sad past.

Magic is an Arabian stallion that was used as a tripping horse. Most horses don’t survive this horrific abuse and if they do, they are so mentally messed up, that they are most often, deemed crazy and sent to slaughter.

After surviving his “charro” life, Magic ended up with someone who beat him with a 2 x 4 because he would not take a saddle. I received a call from a young lady who had witnessed this repeated abuse and asked if we could help. From the moment I saw Magic, I knew he’d be coming home with us. He was very untrusting and petrified of people, ropes, boards, etc., and understandably so. I was very blessed that he accepted me from the very beginning and we have a relationship built on trust. It took a few years, but now he will approach other humans for scratches. I do tell everyone who goes into his paddock, however, that Magic lives life on his terms. Nobody is allowed to try to “catch” or halter him – he feels threatened if they do, and runs away.

Magic accepts me haltering him and he even allows me to put a flymask on him. If he needs a vet, I sedate him and put a soft towel over his eyes and once the vet arrives and does what he needs to do, and then leaves, I remove the towel.

Magic has had melanomas for years which had not caused an issue. However, one recently got very angry after he rubbed it raw against a board. I cleaned and treated it daily. There really wasn’t a way to keep the flies from the sore so I considered putting a sleazy on him to protect the area. Well, I tried and was pleasantly surprised when he stood perfectly still and let me do so!  I was so proud of him! I opted to leave the sore open and continued to keep it clean and treated and thankfully, it’s so much better now. But the sleazy was a major milestone for him!

To learn more about the horrendous practice of horse tripping, please click here but please be aware that the images may prove to be quite disturbing.

The barn just isn’t the same without Cookie and Betsy Rose. Ruby gets more attention now but I’ll bet she, too, wishes her four legged friends were still with us.

SeAnna has found her loving, forever home!  She is a pasture pal to a blind gelding.  The first time they met they clicked!  Both appear to be very happy!

Kiana is another beautiful girl that is looking for a forever home as a trail horse. She’s getting some training sessions in with Dan Rexroad!

Penny, a 30+ year old blind Belgian, looks gorgeous in her cold weather blanket. And believe me, it’s been really cold!

I miss her so much.

We always look forward to when Carien Schippers, the talented artist who has photographed many members of our beloved herd, visits the rescue. She has photographed many of our horses over the years. Carien is currently offering a discount on her art to benefit Beauty’s Haven. Please click here to view Carien’s lovely images. If you wish to purchase a piece, please use code EGPSNY for a 15% discount which is applicable through February 1, 2018.

Thank you, Carien, for your love and support.

Photo by Carien Schippers.

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